Pink and ATLA

I have really been into lovecore aesthetics lately. Lmao 4 years ago I absolutely hated everything that was femenine and pink but now i'm just, everything is pink hearts and pastel colors baybeeee. I also watched Avatar the Last Airbender since it came on Netflix. Damn where has this show been my whole life I fucking loved it. I'll watch Korra once that also comes on Netflix (I heard its not as perfect as Avatar but good in its own way.)

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Quarantine extended to the end of the school year lol. My favorite light novel Destruction Flag Otome got an anime, which is pretty neat. I might add some more pages soon.

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Bloody Hell

My quarantine just got extended to until May. Damn. This is really serious. I really hope the coronavirus pandemic goes away really soon, but given how the USA is reacting to it I doubt that will happen. 2020 is off to a great start.

Currently Reading: Mousou Telepathy (It's back after a 7 month hiatus)


Free Stuff

A lot of companies are making their stuff free for during the quarantine, which is pretty neat. Im gonna put some links to free stuff that I think are neat.

Stuff that were already free

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My family and I are going to move to the other side of the country over the summer because of my dad's job. I really thought that I would be able to graduate highschool with my friends but I guess thats not gonna happen...

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End of the Decade

2019 is coming to an end. The 2010s is coming to an end. A lot of stuff happened in this decade, as does any other decades. Smartphones became part of everyday life, there were greater improvments to VR technology, and three Diary of the Wimpy Kid movies were released. As for myself, I went from an adventurous and curious 5 year old to a tired and sleepy 15 year old. As for the year itself, it was okay. I wish I posted more art here, but I got kinda lazy. I'm going to remove the months from my art page soon and I hope I draw a lot more in 2020.



Its been a whole 3 months since I have last posted. I found out that webtoon has paywalled some of their completed webtoons. I was going to reread Bastard and then add it to my manga page, but it looks like I can't do that. I finally found my 3ds charger after being lost few months, so now I can continue playing Kid Icarus Uprising.

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More School Stuff

Nothing much had happened ever since the last post I guess. This year, I'll try to study more seriously for classes, but then again, I say I will do that every year. Someone reccomend me a short anime to watch that isnt fanservice-y


School Stuff

School started a few days ago, and it just school as usual. The first day of 10th grade is a lot more boring than the first day of 9th, probably because I'm now more used to high school now. High school is nothing like the movies. Also, apparently there are mice in this school?? Jfc the building is old and dirty as hell.

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Final Exams and Summer

I have not been super active lately, and right now I'm going through final exams and stuff. In my area, school ends on June 18th, and over the summer, I plan to make my site more interactive by learning some Javascript.

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Spring Break

Spring Break is arriving, and I cant wait to not go to school. So yeah here's a list of stuff I'm gonna do this break.

So yeah, have a nice spring break everyone! Don't die from allergies!


Pet Peeves of Certain Site Designs

I was browsing through certain fansites, shrines, and personal web blogs, there were some things that annoyed me. Sure, there are certain parts of a personal site that are charming (eg. non-seemless but looping backgrounds and seizure-inducing gifs) however, some of them just get on my nerves.

White Text on Light Background
Or its sister, Black text on dark background. Why do people actually do this? It makes me wonder if you actually want me to read it since the only way for me to view the text is to either select it, or go straight to inspect element and change the CSS. I have actually seen the dreaded "black text on dark background" on a fanfic archive and it made me want to pull all my hair out.

Really Small Text
I have seen this a lot on aesthetic or image based sites and tumblrs, and thats fine and all, but it irritates me a lot when an entire essay is size a 2px and I have to zoom in at 300%. Again, do you actually want me to read this stuff?

This is not particularly the webmaster's fault, but Photobucket's fault. You see, just two years ago, Photobucket changed their hosting service so that you cannot host your images on your outside their webstie unless you pay $400. Because of this, a heck ton of images that were hosted on forums and small sites were unviewable and were instead replaced with an ugly pic saying "Please update your account to enable third party hosting." Tons of image heavy site designs were ruined. However, just last year, Photobucket changed its policy so that instead of having their ugly pic to replace the image, they would add a so-called discreet watermark on their images, so you see a "Proudly hosted on Photobucket" watermark on every image hosted there. I guess that did solve the problem of being able to see the images hosted on Photobucket, however, image heavy site designs that relied on Photobucket are still ruined.


A First Post

And I really have no idea what to say. I think personal sites are cool. Like, sites like facebook and insta are too limiting, and the closest thing to a personal site I guess is Tumblr, but that site has a lot of problems (e.g. useless staff, trash mobile app, actual pedos on that site, etc.). With a personal site, you have a lot of customization. And thats cool. My future posts will be a lot longer I swear.