I have seen pages like these floating around Neocities so I wanna share the ones I use. I prefer free and open source (foss) software.

Photo and Painting

  • GIMP: Neat photo editor, plug-ins can make it even more powerful (like FX Foundry or G'MIC). A little hard to use, but there are tons of helpful guides online.
  • Krita: Painting application that has a lot of neat features, like auto-color and frame by frame animation.
  • MyPaint: Has infinite canvas and really good brushes. It is not a complete painting application like Krita but it is good for randomly doodling or sketching.

Gaming and Emulators

  • Playnite: Game library manager that supports emulators. Really neat for combining all game launchers to one location.
  • Dolphin: Wii and Gamecube emulator. Runs really good on my home potato laptop and my school laptop. Use beta version instead of stable because stable is very outdated.
  • PCSX2: Playstation 2 emulator. A little difficult to use but it runs OK on my potato laptop. I use it to play Persona 4 and it works well most of the time.
  • PPSSPP: Playstation Portable emulator. Runs great on any computer with decent hardware, even on my school laptop. Really easy to use, I highly recommend this.
  • Locale Emulator: Lets you play Japanese games without manually switching the locale on your computer. Great for fan-translated PC games.

Downloaders and Rippers

  • RipMe: Rips images from albums. Supports many websites like Photobucket. (Caution: Website contains mentions of NSFW websites.)
  • HakuNeko: Downloads manga from aggregation sites. Useful if scanlators do not provide downloads. Also supports anime, but I have not used that feature.


  • FocusWriter: A distraction-free word processor, but still customizable.
  • YACReader: Comic reader thats easy to use. The library manager that comes with it is not very good though.
  • Notepad++: Code and text editor. I use this to rewrite my entire site.
  • Audacious: Music player with support for classic Winamp skins.

Not Open Source

  • Everything: File searcher that works better than the one in Windows.

Firefox Extensions

  • Feedbro: Feed reader on your browser. This does not have premium subscription thankfully and it works fairly well.
  • Image Search Options: Puts several reverse search engines in one menu. Really good for finding the source of anime fanart.
  • uBlock Origin: Adblocker. Works better than other adblocks I used.
  • Universal Bypass: Skips link shorteners like (fuck those).
  • Violentmonkey: Simple userscript manager.
  • SponsorBlock: Skips sponsors on Youtube. Never see a Raid Shadow Legends ad ever again!
  • I will add more over time...